ILLUMINATE 90 Day Mastermind

TranceFormational Mastermind For EXTRAORDINARY Women

Extensive 90 Day Mastermind and Coaching Programme

Shine A Spotlight On You & Your Business

Starting Tuesday 5th September, 2017

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Surround Yourself With Mastermind. It's Your Driving Force.

“Become united with women moving in the same direction”

~ Jacqueline Rogers

There is nothing more powerful, on earth, than two or more women who are gathered for the same purpose, with a spirit of harmony and a definite end in view.  This powerful alliance of women will enable you to break through obstacles; ones that, up to now, have felt that they could not be broken through.

Together, we will do things, achieve things that we cannot, right now, even imagine would be possible for us if we were to do it on our own.

Who Is The ILLUMINATE 90 Day Mastermind For?


If you feel COMPELLED to ACCELERATE your business success, you are COMMITTED to making a MEANINGFUL contribution AND have a DESIRE to live an EXTRAORDINARY life this is for you!

  • Business Acceleration: Accelerate growth in your business
  • Members Experience: High quality of experience and knowledge to develop you and your business
  • Advisement: The feeling of 'being alone' in business is gone
  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively to achieve more on projects, products, partnerships
  • Extend your network: Expand your network exponentially and rapidly
  • New Learnings: Members are unique in skill, experience and connections
  • Cross Promotion: Find ways to help each other by utilising cross promotion
  • Think Bigger: Being in a mastermind very simply enables you to 'think bigger' than ever
  • Inspired: INSPIRE and be INSPIRED in your mastermind group
  • Personal Growth: As your business grows so do you!
  • Peer Group Accountability: Your board of directors, always available to support you
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How Do We Do It?


Laser Focus & Accountability From Me For 90 Days!

The reason that I will be getting you to focus on the next 90 days is because the majority of us can only visualise about 90 days out. Beyond that it feels too big, too unattainable and that is when the sabotage creeps in … been there, done that!

So, rather than work on the next 12 months, I encourage you to focus on just the next 90 days. It will be a part of a bigger vision, and we will chunk it down so that you can be focusing on one thing such as when this comes to life everything else in your business will come together.

You will have clarity on your 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and, if you want it, 10 year plan, and then look at the inspired action that will need to be taken for 90 days such that you achieve it!

No losing focus, no distractions by another project, product, bright shiny thing. 90 Days of accountability from me! You will have all the tools and resources that you need to achieve that and I’ll be your trainer, mentor, coach and facilitator through the process.

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Meet Jacqueline Y B Rogers


Jacqueline Rogers-103During my corporate career I hosted 'Round Tables' for high level players in the IT industry but what you probably need to know most is that I have been there!

I was that woman who had a corporate career and who craved freedom, desired a very specific lifestyle, and truly wanted a business of my own and to become an entrepreneur.

I swopped my corporate package, my 6 figure lifestyle, the bonuses, the fancy car, the health care and all the corporate benefits to follow a crazy dream to start my own business.

I’m a thought leader in the networking industry and the founder of The Athena Network, the leading International Networking, Training and Business Development Club for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs. I've been inspiring female entrepreneurs since October 2005 when the business was launched and then, in December 2006, when the first franchise of the business was sold so that other female entrepreneurs would be able to leverage on my success and launch a franchise territory to serve a local community of business women.

We now have 30+ franchisees who can who can testify to the structures and systems that have been created to ensure their success and what I do now is work with coaches and holistic practitioners who have created a business and crave more than a day where they work 24/7.

I’m an International Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis and have a belief that we are all as successful as we make up our mind to be!

Over the past 15 years I have worked with thousands of women to develop and grow their business and, in the main, that has been through a change in their mindset and creating supportive structures around them.  I am committed to lifelong TranceFormation™ and constantly developing myself so that I can be of even more service to my clients.

I see the GENIUS and I see the POTENTIAL in others and what I do is laser in on why are they are doing what they are doing and if they are not doing it enable them to get a clearer WHY

I'm committed to working with women who are willing to show up and 'do the work' and I LOVE helping women dream bigger than they ever dreamed and to work deeply and in TranceFormation™ to take steps towards their dreams

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Why Do I Choose To Work With Women?


During my corporate career I invested in personal development programmes that included many holistic therapies and what I recognised was that many of the women I was training with were 'broken'.  They were dedicated to their craft and supporting others BUT were not as committed to looking after themselves.  What was also missing was the business development, the support and structures that would enable them to do what they loved the most.

And then I experienced the pain I had previously witnessed when I set up business as a coach and trainer.  I had not anticipated the long nights and days spent setting a business up, the lack of cash flow, working with teams who 'did not understand me', ultimately creating mayhem and chaos around me.

I had invested in my own personal and business development, I was committed to working with women, I knew ‘how’ to resolve my challenges and yet;

  • I was giving my time and services away for free
  • I did not believe that I was worthy enough for success
  • I had a belief that I was ‘not enough’ so strived to learn even more!
  • I subtly sabotaged my Genius, procrastinating and focused on perfection
  • Money came and went in equal proportions
  • There was always too much month at the end of the money
  • I was burnt out, stressed and in a deep and dark place

So, I invested with mentors and coaches. Since 2005 there has not been a missed year where I have worked with a coach who has worked with me to facilitate my success. Never underestimate the power of someone actively listening to you and coaching you through your challenges.

It was a powerful transition for me, I had the skills, the knowledge BUT needed someone to work with me and only when I personally invested in 1:1 coaching and coaching programmes did I notice that I achieved the lifestyle and success that I desired.

The women I work with are now committed to creating a lifestyle business that enables them to fulfil all of their desires.  They are willing to get vulnerable and dive deeper.  The work I do is intense and my clients need to be open to the TranceFormation™ that WILL take place working with me

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What Is A Mastermind?


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed women can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

Imagine ...

Imagine waking up one morning, checking your bank account to find that there is less money than month, that you have very few prospects, the clients that you do have are draining you. What are you going to do to make it better? Are you disillusioned with our industry? Have you forgotten why you invested time and money to become an entrepreneur? And the questions keep coming …

Has everyone lost interest in your industry? Is this leading anywhere or have I wasted so much time and money? Is now the time to create a product? Should I license my services? Can I afford to franchise? Do I need more people on my team?

Have you ever asked yourself at least one of those questions? I’ve asked them all! And I have always been supported by a coach, mastermind to enable me to make the right decisions. The point is that thinking about the answer to these questions yourself will not be helpful. You will be alone in your thoughts AND YOUR thinking is what got you to where you are. It is a vicious circle and gets you nowhere that is helpful or productive!

The Collective Consciousness In Action ...

I have deliberately created a mastermind structure for extraordinary women only. A group of female entrepreneurs with similar goals. The group will be small enough for you to contribute and big enough to have access to the wealth of knowledge within the mastermind. Each time we meet each member of the mastermind will have the opportunity to speak; present business problems and questions that have emerged since we last met. All other members of the group will be present to help out. You will be kept accountable to your annual vision/plan.

My Vision For You ...

My deepest desire is that, with the support of your peers in the mastermind, you fall in love with your business all over again and that you find the energy and the vision to create a lifestyle business that you are proud of.

I will work with you to create a vision, develop a strategy, programme your mindset, get a new skill-set, be in a high vibration and experience great energy by implementing new habits and letting go of things that drain you so that you can get new clients and increase the profits in your business.

Get clear on your 90 Day Goals, 1 Year, 2 Year etc. When you have designed your business in your mind and understood what has held you back you will achieve the success you deserve.

To discover what is true for you in business. Many entrepreneurs create a business they think they 'should', they are driven by money and go about success in completely the wrong way. I desire that you discover what drives you and excites you in business.

That you understand the impact of your values on your business and the importance of having clarity about what you desire.

I work with you to create a powerful vision for your business, defining what is important and creating your '21 Intentions for 90 Days' that will include your business, finances, family, social activity, health, intellectual and spiritual development.

You will take steps towards consistent profit in your business which means that you need to explore your ‘success story’ and what is holding you back.

You will learn how to identify what is truly different about your business and how you can share that with your prospects and clients. How do you want your customers to feel?

Find, and express, your voice in the marketplace so that you are ‘heard’.

Every entrepreneur has a story! You are going to explore your personal story and relationship with money and how it affects your business.

The Collective Genius will enable you to co-create a financial foundation action plan so that you gain the financial intelligence to control and manage your finances.

Supporting you in extensive research into your target market and what services and products they are looking to buy from you.

Who are you here to serve? Where is your client and what do they look like? You will explore the kind of client that you would like to work with and where you can EASILY find them!

How do you excite the right customers? Learn to re-imagine your offerings like you re-imagined your business. What kind of service and products do they desire and how can you package them?

How can you get it right every time? Create a system for flawless quality and consistent engagement.

One of THE keys to success is having an Operations Manual (the way that we do it here). Using one of the templates provided you will create your Operations Manual and systematize your success.

Create a real-time quality control system based on a culture of excellence. Discover ways to innovate your customer experience so customers spread the word about your business.

What if selling was more personal? Learn to meet your customers' needs and support their purchase decision. Create Your Unique Sales Process that all of your team can follow easily.

The clients that you retain are those who know what to expect from you. You will create a sales process that you are comfortable with.

Are you reaching out in the right places? Analyze and quantify your results to optimize your marketing efforts.

Uncover the clues from your customers that will help you sell to them using networking, personal connections and social media.

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How Does A Mastermind Work?

Definition: The Collective Genius is “an alliance of two or more minds, blended in the spirit of perfect harmony and co-operating for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Each group member, thinking in perfect harmony with the others, creates a ‘Collective Genius; which allows an extraordinary increase in personal power and access to knowledge, skills, and experiences through a process that is proven time after time, but is mysterious.

The Collective Genius is a nonphysical entity of thought that grows in strength and usefulness to each member of the group through the sustained effort and goodwill of each member. What was difficult or impossible yesterday becomes possible today and virtually guaranteed to come to completion in the surprisingly near future when the principles of the Collective Genius are faithfully applied.


    Through a Collective Genius group, you will daily receive the full benefits of the experience, training, education, specialised knowledge, and native ability of others – just as completely as if their minds were your own!


    When two or more minds are aligned in a spirit of perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose, they stimulate each other with a high degree of inspiration – and that may become the state of mind known as Faith!


    When the Collective Genius principle is actively applied, it has the effect of connecting you with the subconscious section of your mind – and the subconscious sections of your allies’ minds. That means, in effect, you have full access to knowledge that you have never learned! This fact explains many of the seemingly miraculous results obtained through Collective Genius groups.


    A new perspective of your business and life that you want to create, and includes strategies to reach them. EVERY member of the Mastermind is as committed to your success as you are!


    Focus on what is obvious in your business. With the support of the members, remove unnecessary tasks, products and services and focus on what you love so that the money will follow

Now You ...

Are you ready to say ENOUGH!

If now is the time to turn your back on all the limiting beliefs and turn your expertise into the business you desire, you are committed to making a MEANINGFUL contribution, serving your clients AND have a DESIRE to live an EXTRAORDINARY life

Then I would suggest that we get started …

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My Intention Is That You Create An EXTRAORDINARY Business That Excites You And Supports A New Lifestyle ...


The moment you commit to joining the mastermind the magic will commence.

Your one-on-one intensive with me is completely bespoke and created around your unique situation, your desired lifestyle and goals and we will agree what you will be working on.

The intensive prepares you for the 90 days ahead and creates the framework for your mastermind success.


    You are going to deep dive into your business and get ready to achieve incredible success! To support you  every Monday during ILLUMINATE  you will set your intentions and every Friday you will reflect and share with the Luminaries. This focus and reflection on your end result will enable you to achieve your goals quicker and more gracefully.


    So that we can co-create an extraordinary lifestyle business for you a Welcome Packet has been designed to enable you to start digging deep into your desires, shift your mindset and get clarity on how you imagine your business to be.

    Only when you have designed your business in your mind and understood what has held you back in the past will you achieve the success you deserve.


    ‘Live & Exclusive’ Online 1.5 Hour Mastermind Meetings hosted every other week on a Tuesday at 7.00pm.

    We will all dig deep and you will receive strategy, feedback, accountability, and support from me and your mastermind peers to create the lifestyle and business that you desire and that you are getting the results you committed to in.


    Each month you will have a 1 x 20 minute Personal Laser Coaching Call with me. Laser coaching is all about getting to the source or root of a problem quickly. Once the source of the problem has been identified, remedial action is taken to achieve desired outcomes.


    All of your calls will be recorded so that you can refer to them. Often when we are being coached (I know that is my experience) I miss some of the gems within the call. So, an audio will be provided to you right after your coaching call for you to save and refer to.


    Keeping a mastery journal, for 90 days, and writing down your thoughts and ideas is one of the most powerful tools any successful entrepreneur has.

    The mastery journal is mapped out for 90 days in 12 week segments to get clear you clear on your vision and your focus. You will refer to this mastery journal long after the 90 days is completed.


    Send me an update (a Weekly Workout Log) Every Week so that we can see where you need most support.  Monday you will share your focus for the next week and Friday state what you have achieved.


    In addition to the resources and contribution other members will make you will have access to every contact and tool I recommend for your personal use and your business team.


    All delegates in the mastermind will hold each other accountable for actions and commitments.  As a delegate you need to be committed to supporting other delegates.


    Recordings of all masterminds, meditations and additional resources including suppliers, business tools and templates are available in the Facebook group for easy access.


    A private Members Only Facebook group has been created for program participants. Engaging with your peers and having a place to interact, ask questions, share wins and to network is a key to your success.


    When you join ILLUMINATE, you will have unlimited access to me via email to ask any questions you need assistance with inbetween our calls.

    Questions will typically be answered same day but please allow a 24-hour turnaround for any questions (Monday – Thursday only).


    So that we complete on your experience with ILLUMINATE you will have a 1 hour Completion Mentoring Call with me.  This is a powerful component of the ILLUMINATE Mastermind process and it concretizes all that you have created during the 12 week period.


And Now, The Launch Event ... A Transformational Day At

The Grove
London's Country Estate

To concretize your 90 Day cycle we will spend a TranceFormational day together at The Grove.  Immersed in training and masterminding with all other Luminaries.

Our focus for the day is on your VISION and on your MINDSET!  We will agree what it is you plan to create in the 90 Days Mastermind so that all the Luminaries can work with you.

The Grove is more than just a luxury five star hotel; set in 300 acres of Hertfordshire countryside it is the most inspiring venue that will stimulate creativity and 'up-level' your mindset in your business.

Included in the 90 Day ILLUMINATE Mastermind is a day at The Grove where we share a transformation day of training and partake in; a light breakfast, refreshment, a 5 course lunch, afternoon tea and unlimited access to the Creative Genius in the room!



Each Luminary (delegate) in the mastermind has an experience of being heard, growth, and inspiration during all of our meetings.  This means that it is important that the dynamics of the group are managed so that each member has an EXTRAORDINARY experience.  That is my job!

"When women come together for a collective intention, magic happens"
~ Rhylicia Rashad


    The group will consist of members whose opinions you respect, whose work you admire, and who you can trust. It is essential that each delegate in the group hold each other in the highest regard with everyone take 100% responsibility for each others success.


    The members will be committed to making a sustained commitment to the group; attending the meetings, ‘showing up’ in the Facebook group, honouring the commitments that they made to each other.


    INSPIRE means to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Inspiration, motivation, stimulation, persuasion, encouragement, influence are essential to the Collective Genius.


    Collaborating with each other to achieve goals, sometimes shared goals, and tasks. There will be opportunities to collaborate on projects and products. Collaboration is more than the intersection of common goals, it is a deep collective determination to reach an identical objective/endeavour.

The ILLUMINATE Success Factor!

Definition: ILLUMINATE is “to brighten with light; light up; to make lucid or clear; throw light on (a subject); to enlighten, as with knowledge; to make resplendent or illustrious; to become illuminated; to be illuminated; to be illuminating.”


    The clearer your vision the sooner it will become your reality!  Using a powerful visualisation technique, easy to follow steps and tools you will create a vision for your life; 90 Days, 1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year, 10 Year.  You will feel your vision come alive right before your very eyes.

    Creating a vision is a fundamental part of creating a life that you would love.


    In order to get great results, you must have the necessary strategy, systems and structures in place and to be a smart business woman.  So, once you have created your vision you will take it to create a strategy and structure that enables you to get there and create the systems throughout the mastermind.


    One of the most common reasons that women are not experiencing the life that they desire is that is that they have psychological barriers in their way (commonly known as limiting beliefs).  We will laser in and unravel your blocks and fears so that you can step into your power and create new choices that compliment the grander vision where you’ll notice positive changes immediately specifically about how you feel about your business and your bank account


    If you are like me then you would have had a dream to launch your own business but not have the skill set to be able to do it.  During the mastermind you will be creating better habits for yourself that invite all of your desires into your life.  You will ensure that your habits are in alignment with the success that you desire.   Whilst it may be important to develop a business skill my focus for you will be on the life skills that you will require.


    When you simplify your life you stop wasting your precious energy.  Simplification reduces ambiguity and eliminates doubt. You may find that when you are around certain people, places or things you feel depleted in energy.  There may be incompletions in your life; you will be creating the space and opportunity to achieve the desires that matter to you most.  My personal ‘energy measure’ is by recognising how much fun I am having.

Time To Become ILLUMINATED ...

Are you ready to say ENOUGH!

If now is the time to turn your back on all the limiting beliefs and turn your expertise into the business you desire, you are committed to making a MEANINGFUL contribution, serving your clients AND have a DESIRE to live an EXTRAORDINARY life

Then I would suggest that we get started …

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Your Investment


Do You Have Any Questions For Me Before You Commit To An EXTRAORDINARY Mastermind?


  • q-iconWill I have face to face coaching with you?

    The ‘laser coaching’ will be face to face via Zoom! You will need to ensure that you have downloaded Zoom (simple instruction) and that you have the technology to share your screen.  I prefer visuals when coaching and would prefer you saw me also.

  • q-iconDo you have a guarantee for the programme?

    No! I am not in your head all of the time. What I can guarantee is that if you commit to the process, turn up for the masterminds, support other members, get your accountability review in on time that you set YOURSELF up for success. You will not require my guarantee.

  • q-iconAre there additional costs with the mastermind?

    Once you have invested in this mastermind there will be no additional costs due to me. It is highly likely that you would want to make an investment in additional equipment/services for your business as a result of the suggestions from the mastermind.

  • q-iconWho is this programme for?

    If you feel COMPELLED to ACCELERATE your business success, you are COMMITTED to making a MEANINGFUL contribution AND have a DESIRE to live an EXTRAORDINARY life this is for you!

    Some may be disillusioned with how their business is growing, feel that they are working too many hours, lying awake worrying about cash flow, worrying about their team. Perfect if you are feeling isolated and know that your business needs to grow. And, it will with the Collective Genius around you.

  • q-iconI don't know if I can afford the investment in myself!

    If your business is not growing I would recommend you make a wise investment in ‘something’.  With the mastermind you are tapping into a Collective Genius and the skills, resources and knowledge that are available to you would be infinite and invaluable

    Let’s work on the premise that your investment will immediately start to pay for itself.

  • q-iconWhat if this does not work for me?

    That you are considering it would not work before engaging with the programme tells me that you have had some challenges before. You might prefer to schedule a clarity call with me before you make your decision.

    Complete your details in the box below so that we can schedule time to discuss whether the Mastermind would work for you.


Are You Still Undecided?

Schedule a Clarity Call, the first step to TranceFormation™ in your Business & Lifestyle!

If you are still undecided I would recommend that you schedule a Clarity Call with me to find out more about how the 90 Day Mastermind will work and if we are in alignment. During the Clarity Call via phone or Zoom I will assess your business (a 'health' check of sorts).

I will then discuss ways that we can work together to improve your business and how we would design a strategy that suits your lifestyle.

Success starts here ...

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