The Power of Mastermind

The moment you make a decision you make a choice to plant a seed in your subconscious. Your subconscious mind is a fertile garden ready to bring forth that which you plant and water.

When you go to a job or work on a business, you are watering a seed. When you go to the gym, you are watering a seed. You often won’t see results right away, but in a few months, each seed will start to produce fruit – be it good or bad.

The funny thing about seeds is that you don’t reap the results for weeks or months at a time, so you don’t always “feel” the results right away. When you eat a piece of cake, you don’t “feel” the weight coming on immediately … but if you water that seed enough, it grows into … well, fat.

The same goes with your brain and your bank account. The small steps that you take NOW may not feel like much, but in a few months, they will produce LOTS of fruit for you.

Start planting seeds of desire then start watering the seeds in your brain. The most direct way that you can water the seeds of your brain is to elevate WHO you hang out with and WHAT you listen to. Doing those two things is like planting and watering the seeds of success in your brain, so that they start to sprout automatically.

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