Working With Women Entrepreneurs To Create An EXTRAORDINARY Life

There are women who are 'Called To Greatness', women who are committed to making  MEANINGFUL contribution and who have a DESIRE to live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

They are the women I choose to work with.

My work is dedicated to supporting them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, re-connecting with their Genius so that they can be of a high service to their clients.

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About Jacqueline Y B Rogers

Jacqueline's unique blend of coaching enables coaches and holistic practitioners to break free from their conditioning & patterning so they can achieve success in all areas of their lives. She offers practical tools, structures and coaching to empower her clients to create the lifestyle that they desire. "The way we speak our world creates our world" and What you think becomes the reality you live. Jacqueline weaves together mindset mastery, wealth consciousness and the art of manifestation, with the teachings & philosophies of the ancient science of energy, meditation, magic and intuition. This union of all aspects of yourself is what Jacqueline refers to as a 'Lifestyle Strategy'. As a facilitator of tranceformation for the past 14 years, the work Jacqueline does as a TranceFormational Coach, draws on her life’s experience with business creation, entrepreneurship, coaching, meditation, energy work, intuition, relationship recovery and being human to guide you to a place where you experience self-awareness, fun and a greater joy in your life.

TranceFormational Coaching For EXTRAORDINARY Women

I LOVE helping Women Entrepreneurs create a vision bigger than they EVER dreamed

Discover The Four KEY Elements To Your Business Success

Learn The Secrets To Achieving Business  Success, Attracting More Clients, and Increasing Profits

  • Design Your Business On Purpose

    Re-connect with your purpose and learn how to thrive in a business that enables you to be in control of your cash, your time, your customers experience

  • Re-Connect With Your Passion & Desires

    Your business is an integral part of who you are. I’ll show you how designing and building a business mapped to your passion and values is a key to achieving success.

  • Success Is From The Ground Up

    The right systems lead to growth. Build the foundations to your business and hit your profit targets. Implement the most important systems to guarantee success.

  • TranceForm Your Business & Lifestyle

    Fall in love with your business all over again and you will find the energy and the vision to create a lifestyle business that you are proud of.

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